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The Cap value of the business on this raise or the implied market cap for loan notes
Why will they select you? If this is B2B How will they justify it financially If it is B2c then please explain why they choose you?
How long does your plan expect this to last before additional funding is needed
Why will customers use YOU compared to competitive products or processes
What stage is your company at ?
We are trying to understand if your present customers come from the acquisition process that is the go forward model or if the sales have been thru connected parties that do not reflect the ongoing business for the next years
How many people work in the business ( full time equivalent
List each member of the team (holding more than 5%) that will be drawing a salary and the monthly salary If none then say NONE
These are the ones that will be the 80 in the 80/20 rule over the next 2 years
What is the goto market strategy. For example, Direct sales, Agency/VAR, Online Digital Marketing
Transaction size. If you get a % of sale value – e.g. hotel booking or other agency , then please show the value to you and not the end user sale
This is a VERY (if not the most) important box on the whole page. It goes to the very core of salability.
For example – Have you managed this in early sales, or are you drawing from similar industry sales costs Please explain This is a very CRUCIAL Question for us.